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Re-loved by Ethnicraft: The Ethnicraft Outlet Store in Belgium

Have you ever thought about what happens to showroom furniture after they’re no longer being displayed? Or products that have been slightly damaged or used? What about the designs that had slight imperfections? In most cases, these products were sold at discounted prices in their worn state – or worse – thrown away. As a company focused on making a difference, Ethnicraft is constantly looking for ways to improve its practices. For the past few years, Ethnicraft has been making strides to move towards a more circular economy. After Live Light was launched in 2020, a furniture subscription service built around the circular economy, Ethnicraft is going one step further into considering how to make furniture available in the most sustainable and useful manner, by introducing Re-loved.

When thinking about Ethnicrafts designs, a few words come to mind: craftsmanship, timeless, warm, authentic, and sustainable. Through expertise, Ethnicraft can create durable designs that can last for generations. By using high-quality materials, advanced techniques, and effective wood-processing methods, each Ethnicraft design is made with the user in mind.

Previously, to limit waste, Ethnicraft would open a temporary Ethnicraft outlet store to sell products in various conditions at a discounted price. The outlet would consist of sample pieces, end-of-series, showroom models, and pieces with minor imperfections or those that have been damaged in transport. Now, Re-loved by Ethnicraft is hosting a physical outlet in a new and improved format! 

The Ethnicraft Outlet Store

When buying second-hand furniture, it’s understandable to want to see our refurbished products in person. This is why Re-loved hosts every year a physical Ethnicraft outlet store as well. 

Find original and timeless Ethnicraft designs at a discounted price at the upcoming physical Ethnicraft outlet store organised by Re-loved. You’ll find a mix of professionally refurbished Ethnicraft items, unique Ethnicraft prototypes, Ethnicraft sample items and even rare end-of-series Ethnicraft designs. Subscribe to our newsletter to get updates when the next physical outlet will take place.


Better than new

To give used or damaged Ethnicraft products a second life, Re-loved was born. Before selling any product, each design is thoroughly inspected, quality-checked, cleaned and refurbished in our local workshop by skilled craftsmen. Although some products have visible imperfections, each design is fully functional and as timeless as ever. Each product tells a story – who are we to get in the way of that?

Our Re-loved guarantee:

-        All designs are original Ethnicraft designs.

-        All designs are carefully inspected and refurbished (when necessary) in our atelier.

Click on the link below to learn more about the start of Re-loved by Ethnicraft.

Affordability meets luxury

All Ethnicrafts designs are made to last – through their high-quality and durable materials, advanced technology, and efficient wood-processing techniques. As Ethnicraft has invested in its refurbishing capabilities to limit waste and expand product lifespan, Re-loved by Ethnicraft is giving used or damaged furniture the love it deserves.

To ensure that each design remains timeless, every product that arrives in our local atelier is carefully inspected and refurbished when necessary. Through our inspection and refurbishment process, Re-loved by Ethnicraft can offer high-quality and timeless Ethnicraft furniture and accessories for an affordable price.

Browse through all our discounted and refurbished Ethnicraft products via the link below:

Re-loved's Online Outlet

Can’t make it? No worries – Re-loved by Ethnicraft is also online!

Ethnicrafts online outlet is currently available in the Benelux region and northern France.
Outside the area? Send us an email, and we might be able to work something out.

Our online outlet has a new monthly product drop, bringing you newly refurbished furniture from our workshop. Each item is thoroughly inspected, refurbished, and repaired before allowing you to re-love our timeless designs. Our online outlet is easy to use and the perfect choice for those looking to find high-end furniture and accessories at an affordable price. To make it easy to browse and look for your next
comfy sofa or beautiful dining table, Re-loved by Ethnicrafts online outlet can be categorised by the type of product or condition: excellent, very good, and good.

Excellent condition:
Refurbished and as good as new, you won't be able to tell the difference.
Comes without original packaging.

Very good condition:
Refurbished but may still show minor repairs that don't detract from the piece's aesthetics.
Comes without original packaging.

Good condition: 
Refurbished with visible imperfections or repairs that don't impair the piece's function.
Comes without original packaging.

Interested in our designs?

Check out our products from our latest drop before it's too late!


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